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Health Insurance Quotes EXPLAINED

Table of Contents

  1. Health Insurance Quotes EXPLAINED
  2. Why the 'Net is a Better Choice
  3. What to Look for in a Health Insurance Plan

Finding the right health insurance plan for you and/or your family can be a very tricky process. Since the insurance in America is provided by private companies (unless it's government-run Medicaid/Medicare or other children's or vet's programs), clauses and premium prices are constantly fluctuating. Not to even mention the newly Congress-passed and currently under review health care legislation.

What you knew about health insurance yesterday may not be the least bit relevant today. If you're looking for a solid plan you can count on, then you certainly can't rely on what you think you know about the industry. You have to receive a good quote with all the up-to-date information you need to ensure you find the best plan available for the best price.

Americans are losing their insurance plans left and right. To hear the government in charge tell it, things are getting better with unemployment numbers. But what they do not factor in are the vast numbers of part-time (or 'underemployed') individual that cannot vest in the companies' health care packages and have the security that the rest of the full-time workforce has.

This is leaving more and more men and women in the country on their own in terms of finding health care. They're looking at individual/family care packages for permanent coverage and short term packages to suffice until they can find good group insurance or an affordable private plan.

The best possible avenue to explore insurance quotes in today's modern world is the Internet. Information is instantly updateable and, with most sites, you'll be able to find free insurance quotes without having to provide personal information and fear it being used for identity theft. This takes the usual hassle out of finding quotes, and it will definitely allow you to enter into any plan with confidence. You'll know exactly what the plan is offering you and what you can expect in the future.

Using the Internet is your best alternative, but it certainly isn't the only option available. For many years, people have contracted insurance agents to find the best health care plans available. This is still something you can do if you'd rather not use online sources, but an insurance agent is nothing but a middleman who may or may not be in the pocket of insurance companies.

The Internet allows you to become the insurance agent and gives you the exact same information an agent would in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. Plus there's the fact that seeing is believing - hearing it from another's mouth may still not convince you.

Why the 'Net is a Better Choice

There's a hunger for not only information in society today, but for instant information. No matter the topic, consumers out there want to know exactly what they're buying and how they can go about getting it. For the health insurance industry in particular, this has given rise to many guides, articles, glossaries and other avenues for information. This general information about the industry and different types of insurance has quickly transformed into more specific information.

On today's Internet, there's basically no information that you won't be able to find. If you want to compare different companies, you'll only need to enter a search term and perform a few clicks of the mouse. Finding information about different policies and plan types is also just as simple.

What consumers find is that searching for quotes and other information via the Internet is just all-around better than exploring other avenues of information. It's infinitely quicker for one. Almost everyone in America has a computer in their household, and the amount of computer knowledge required to find accurate information is extremely minimal.

The convenience factor can never be oversold. Finding things out for yourself saves you from having to fuel up the car, get dolled up and go sit down for a face-to-face with an insurance agent. By going through an online portal, you'll be able to find any and everything the particular agent can.

Health insurance companies have no choice but to play along. Their information is already out there; it's just a matter or reading the fine print. What consumers can do is break it down to an understandable language and post it wherever they see fit. Now, the end result is health insurance-specific websites that deal directly with insurance companies and offer up free and instant quotes packed with vital information about policies and pricing options.

By entering impersonal information like your zip code, marital status, gender and age, you can access a large list of competing plans in your wheelhouse, and then you have the freedom to pick and choose based on what you like the best about the plan.

The best sites to deal with will not require a ton of personal information from you. You'll be able to find adequate and accurate information by simply providing basic stats on your age, gender, location and what you're looking for (type of plan sought).

What to Look for in a Health Insurance Plan

There are many things to consider before you enter your information and receive your quote. Although the Internet is quick and convenient, you still want to focus in on the type of plan you want. If not, you'll just be looking at plans endlessly with no idea of how to narrow the list down.

So, for starters, work out what type of health insurance plan you're after. If you're looking for online quotes, then it's a safe bet you're not looking to make comparisons among a list of group employer-based insurance policies. You're probably looking for individual insurance, dental insurance or some type of short term insurance.

Next, you'll need to narrow it down to who's going to be covered with this policy. For example, if you're looking for coverage for your immediate family (spouse and children), then you're going to want to check out the individual (family) plans instead of the short term plans.

Dental options may be included in such a plan, but make sure you look because they're not always provided. And even if they are provided, you may want more dental care than what a particular policy is offering you.

If what you're after is an individual plan to suffice until you find a new job and vest in the group package, then you'll want to check up on the best short term insurance plans. These plans will be available for a year maximum, and they will provide ample coverage and allow you more freedom in choosing your doctor and/or medical facilities.

After you figure out the type of policy you're after, you'll next need to figure out if you want indemnity coverage, HMO, PPO or another type of structure. What you're trying to find out here is the actual amount of freedom you'll have in choosing who provides your medical care and from where it's provided. Learn the differences of the structures and search based on what's best for you.

Deductibles are another thing to consider. Of course, you can find these out when comparing actual policies, but what you'll want is a relatively low deductible with a high amount of coverage. It's not a hard thing to find if you can line up a few policies competing for your business.

Other things to consider will include medication, mental health care, medical equipment, registered nurse services, and other aspects of health care. Figure out which plan gives you the most coverage in all areas before proceeding.

Once you've figured out what to look for, it's all about comparing the different policies and companies. Do your research beforehand and leave nothing to chance. This is, after all, your health we're talking about.